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Chicago Fire

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# Rész Mennyiség Feliratok
6x23 The Grand Gesture 1 en    
6x22 One for the Ages 2 en   ro 
6x21 The Unrivaled Standard 2 en   ro 
6x20 The Strongest Among Us 2 en   ro 
6x19 Where I Want to Be 2 en   ro 
6x18 When They See Us Coming 3 en  hu ro 
6x17 Put White on Me 2 en   ro 
6x16 The One That Matters Most 2 en   ro 
6x15 The Chance to Forgive 1 en    
6x14 Looking for a Lifeline 3 en  hu ro 
6x13 Hiding Not Seeking 3 en  hu ro 
6x12 The F is For 4 en ru hu ro 
6x10 Slamigan 2 en   ro 
6x09 Foul is Fair 2 en   ro 
6x08 The Whole Point of Being Roommates 2 en   ro 
6x07 A Man's Legacy 2 en   ro 
6x06 Down is Better 2 en   ro 
6x05 Devil's Bargain 2 en   ro 
6x04 A Breaking Point 2 en   ro 
6x03 An Even Bigger Surprise 2 en   ro 
6x02 Ignite on Contact 2 en   ro 
6x01 It Wasn't Enough 2 en   ro 
All episodes 4 en ru hu ro